Professional Attorney Eastbourne and East Sussex

The Role of Profesional Attorney.

A Professional Attorney may be appointed by people who find that they no longer really want the responsibility for managing their own financial affairs.  In the Eastbourne area, there are many people who just want things to be managed on their behalf so they don’t have to worry about whether they have or have not paid a bill, or take the responsibility of dealing with tradesmen who appear at the door suggesting “essential” repairs.  That is where our professional attorney service comes in.

Here at Eastbourne Law, we have a professional team including a solicitor, a legal executive, a nurse and an accountant, so we are well place to help.  We also use our support staff to carry out the straightforward work, in order to keep the costs as low as possible.  After all, you don’t need expensive legal staff just to check that an electricity or phone bill is reasonable – so why pay for one?

Professional Attorneys and The Mental Capacity Act.

There are many who misunderstand the reasons behind the introduction of Lasting Powers of Attorney.  They think that the LPAs transfer all authority away from the person who makes the Lasting Power of Attorney (the donor) to the Attorney.   That just is not so.

The Attorney remains the servant of the donor for as long as the donor can make decisions (with help if need be) within a reasonable timescale considering their urgency.  So the Attorney should be acting as an assistant much of the time, not as a replacement for the donor.

Professional Attorney or Family Attorney ignoring your wishes?

If your Attorney or attorneys are ignoring your wishes, they are most likely in breach of duty and in effect, bullying you.   We have seen this happen, and to have your own wishes ignored is very much not the intention of The Mental Capacity Act and of Lasting Powers of Attorney.  Your attorney should support you in the decision making process and always take your views into account.

So if you would like to have your financial affairs professionally, why not contact Eastbourne Law on 01323 406299 – we are here to help, and can visit you at home if it is not easy for you to get to us.