Judge condemns divorce system

Judge condemns divorce system      October 2014

High Court family judge and divorcee Sir Nicholas Mostyn has called for the abolition of the legal rights and responsibilities of marriage. According to the Mail, Sir Nicholas said that there was no difference between the relationships of married and unmarried couples, and condemned a divorce system that gives special protection to wives. He said there should be no difference in the way the courts treat the break-up of relationships of any kind, suggesting that state support for marriage was ‘social engineering’ while adding there was no evidence to show that a married relationship is more stable than cohabitation. His comments come after Sir James Munby, the judge who heads the Family Division, said last week that cohabitees should be protected by law, and that married couples who want to divorce should no longer need to go to court.

Mother and son head to court

A mother and son are suing each other after she barred him from the £1.2m family home. Elizabeth Ashley kicked her son out of the house two years ago and has not allowed him back, despite his insistence that he paid for most of it. Mr Ashley is seeking an order that will either allow him to return home, or that will compel his mother to sell the property and hand him half the profits.

Men not sold on marriage counselling

Research by Irwin Mitchell has revealed a marked contrast in the extent to which men and women believe counselling can help save marriages which have got into difficulty. The survey of 2,000 people revealed that while 45% of females believed that it would help save a relationship, just 28% of men thought that it would be useful.