Free Legal Health Check

Why not ask for one of our Free Legal Health Checks?

We have a limited number of appointments each week for up to 20 minutes for a free review of the legal planning you have in place.  The advice given will be general, as we won’t have the time to fully explore your situation.   It should however still give you a great advantage in considering whether your existing Legal Planning is up to date and adequate.

If there are any particular issues you wish us to explore, please advise us in advance as we are not experts at everything: the free legal health-check is aimed at individuals and families and those running businesses but it does not include the review of business documents.

Quite often, people are shocked to discover that they have cancelled existing plans without realising it, left control to Social Services and the Courts and disinherited some or all of their loved ones.

Unlike most law firms, we do offer an ongoing advice service to those who wish it, so that we can help you and your family to stay secure and keep the necessary documents up to date. After all, family circumstances change and develop, the Law changes and the Taxman is always tinkering with the rules in an attempt to bring in more tax.

If you would like a free Legal Planning Healthcheck, contact us for a copy of our initial questionnaire (it is only one page.)   Once that is returned, we will arrange for an appointment which can be in our office or by telephone if that is more convenient.

We would be happy to review some existing documents at the meeting free of charge, subject to the time constraints.  We are a business, so we cannot give away too much of our advice free of charge.  We would be happy to give extra time but there would be a charge for it – but that would be your choice at the time.

We are quite nice people, so we try to be as helpful as we can but this offer does not include the preparation of any documents or written advice.  We are happy to carry out further work if required but that will be charged at our normal rates once you have agreed.