Family Court Statistics  July to September 2017

Main points
Increase in number of cases starting in Family courts.

65,247 new cases started in family courts in July to September 2017, up 2% on July to September 2016, mainly due to increases in domestic violence remedy orders and Private law cases (up 10% and 4% respectively).

On average, care proceedings took longer with fewer disposals within 26 weeks
The average time for a care or supervision case to reach first disposal was 28 weeks in July to September 2017, one week up from the same quarter in 2016 but remaining steady compared to the previous two quarters.

59% of cases were disposed of within 26 weeks – down 4 percentage points over the same period for 2016.

Increase in the number of domestic violence remedy applications and
orders made.

The number of Domestic violence remedy order applications increased by 10% compared to the equivalent quarter in 2016, whilst the number of orders made increased by 13% over the same period.

Number of adoption applications and orders continues downward trend.

In July to September 2017, there were 1,373 adoption order applications, down 6% on the equivalent quarter in 2016. Similarly, over the same period the number of adoption orders issued decreased 11% to 1,305.

Continued increase in applications and orders made in relation to deprivation of liberty.

There were 1,077 applications relating to deprivation of liberty in July to September 2017, up 38% on the equivalent quarter in 2016. Deprivation of liberty orders were up 57% over the same period, from 362 to 569.

This  presents statistics on activity in the family courts of England and Wales and
provides figures for the latest quarter (July to September 2017).