Why Use Eastbourne Law for your Legal Planning?

Why use Eastbourne Law Solicitors?

1) We genuinely care for our clients and encourage them to develop an ongoing relationship with their allocated personal client executive.  With your own allocated personal client executive there is no need to speak to a stranger each time you call us. Instead, you can speak to an individual who knows and understands your situation and wishes.  You will be given your personal client executive’s direct dial number. We do not employ secretaries or receptionists, so you will always be able to get in touch with someone who has technical expertise in the services we offer.

In line with our philosophy of being fair to clients, we do our best to keep fees modest:

2) Fees for ongoing matters such as probate, trust management etc.

If you instruct us to act for you on our hourly rate, our private client executives and accountant are charged at relatively modest rates – contact us for details. Fees are reviewed every year in November.

3)  General Charges

We offer better terms than many:

a) We do not charge in 6 minute units but by the minute.  This means that a 7 minute call will be charged at 7 minutes, not 12 as it would in many firms.   When you ring some firms demanding that your call be returned, that 30 second message may be charged as a unit of 6 minutes.  That can really add up as every activity is rounded up to the next 6 minutes. We do not do this.

b) We do NOT charge responsibility allowances.  These could add £5,400 to the bill for dealing with an estate with just one bank account worth £300,000 and no complications, in addition to charging for time spent on the actual matter. Our bill would be for a couple of hours or so to organise the drafting of the oath and the completion of the appropriate Tax Return – rather less than £5,400 plus time spent.

c) We do not charge extra for letters – just the time taken.